Sunmark Wall Grab Bar 12 Inches White – 1 each



Sunmark Wall Grab Bar 12 Inches White – 1 each


Adds safety and support when using the shower, bathtub or toilet. White painted steel compatible with most bathroom decor. Can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Includes: 12 inch grab bar (1), 12-A x 2 inch wood screws (6), 2-1/2 inch diameter rubber pad (2), complete instructions. Tools required: power drill, 3/16 inch drill bit, Philips screwdriver. Specifications: 1 inch gripping diameter, 1-1/2 inch wall clearance. Limited warranty.


Directions: Mounting: A. Position bar against wall and mark locations of mounting holes over wall studs. B. Drill mounting holes as marked into studs. C. Mount the bar utilizing screws provided or other hardware appropriate for your installation. Detailed installation instructions are included inside this package. Manufacturer bears no responsibility for improper installation.


Warnings: Failure to properly install this product may result in severe injury. Read warnings and installations carefully before installing and using the product.


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