Sunmark Adult Ear Syringe




Sunmark Adult Ear Syringe


Soft vinyl ear syringe. Aids in removing ear wax. 3 oz capacity. Latex free product.


Directions: FLUSH SYRINGE WITH WATER BEFORE EACH USE. 1. Use plain water at body temperature. NEVER USE COOL WATER. 2. The subject should be seated and should hold a small basin under the ear to catch returning water. The head should be tilted slightly toward the ear to be irrigated. 3. Gently pull the earlobe backward and upward to expose the ear canal. The tip of syringe should be directed slightly upward toward side of ear canal rather than straight back toward the eardrum. Do not let tip of syringe touch or enter ear canal. 4. Squeeze contents gently toward the side of ear canal. NEVER INJECT FORCEFULLY. NOTE: When the ear canal is irrigated, the tip of the ear syringe should not obstruct the flow of water leaving the ear canal. CLEANING AND STORAGE: Clean syringe thoroughly with plain water after each use. Shake out excess water and let air dry thoroughly. Store in a cool dry place, away from hot surfaces and sharp instruments. Do not expose product to direct sunlight or heat.


Warnings: If subject experiences pain or dizziness, discontinue use. Do not resume irrigation without consulting your doctor. Never irrigate ears if eardrum is known to be perforated, or if any drainage, bleeding, pain or irritation is present.


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