Lobob Hard Lens Cleaning Solution – 2 oz




Lobob Hard Lens Cleaning Solution – 2 oz


Removes mucous, oil, salts and cosmetic residue quickly from plastic contact lenses.


Directions: Wash hands with a mild soap to remove foreign matter. Handle lenses with care to avoid damage or loss. Place lens in cupped palm of hand. Apply drops of Lobob Cleaner to both surfaces of lens. Massage the lens and work up a sudsing pool for 30 seconds. Rinse completely before following insertion or soaking instructions. Repeat above directions as needed for oily or dirty lenses. Daily use is recommend.


Warnings: CAUTION: If cleaner accidentally instilled in eye, wash repeatedly with clean water; no permanent damage will ensue. IF SWALLOWED: Drink extra water. Contains anionic detergents, NON PRESERVED. NOT FOR USE WITH SOFT LENSES. DO NOT USE IN THE EYE. DO NOT TOUCH TIP TO ANY SURFACE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


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